Liberty Annual (2015)

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The 2015 LIBERTY ANNUAL is here!

We recently realized that the national discourse in the U.S. has lost a certain level of print satire in recent years, with The Realist, Spy, National Lampoon, and other publications having gone the way of the dodo.

We decided this was an opportunity to turn the CBLDF Liberty Annual into a love letter to those magazines: ridiculous adult humor for adults, touching on topics that may not be suitable for polite company. Of course, the anthology isn’t offensive just for the sake of being offensive, and there are literary parodies, heartfelt remembrances, and a few stories that are just plain silly.

Subjects range from literary parodies to  heartfelt remembrances, Satanism, prostitution, pornography, war, awkward sex, gratuitous violence, and all the other things that keep the world interesting. It’s raunchy, ridiculous, absurd, and hopefully very funny.

Featuring the likes of John Arcudi, Jeffrey Brown, Derek Charm, Tyler Crook, Vanesa Del Rey, Evan Dorkin, Nate Doyle, Duncan Fegredo, Bob Fingerman, Tom Fowler, Sina Grace, Gabriel Hardman, Eric Powell, R. Sikoryak, Gabe Soria, Art Spiegelman, Fred Van Lente, and more!

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