Retail Memberships


Throughout its existence, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has carried out its mission to protect free speech in comics through the generous support of fans and professionals alike. At conventions, through benefit books and other fundraisers, the comics community has rallied behind the First Amendment. No media has a more enthusiastic base of support than comics and the CBLDF is proud to play a part in protecting this vital American art form.

The Fund believes that everyone in the comics community has a vital interest in preserving the medium's ability to grow. Everybody knows about the outstanding efforts of Dave Sim, Neil Gaiman, Brian Pulido, and others who have lent their time and celebrity to the CBLDF. But the simple fact is that if just a fraction of the people reading this joined the CBLDF for $25 a year, the Fund's membership program will continue to have as great an impact as any single donation the CBLDF has ever received.

Of course, the number one benefit of membership is peace of mind. You'll know that there's someone at the other end of the phone when a retailer gets busted or an artist is brought up on charges. Together we stand, divided we fall. Become a Retail member of the CBLDF and help preserve comics as a vital medium for the next century.

 The Retailer Member receives: 
  • CBLDF Window Cling
  • "FREE SPEECH IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR" 24 x 30 poster by Cliff Chiang.
  • A CBLDF Donation Can
  • Current Member Card
  • Access to limited edition variants and CBLDF collaborative comics


**Note: You must submit your Diamond Retail account number when signing up for a Retailer Membership.**

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