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Posted by Alex Cox on

For twenty-five years, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been on the front line, protecting comics and pop culture from the spectre of Censorship and moral panic. But we need your help to continue this fight.

Supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund gives us the resources to help everyone recognize comics a vital medium, and one that should not be muzzled, censored, or attacked. By becoming a member of the CBLDF, you join us on the front line, helping protect the First Amendment rights of the comics you love. Your donation helps us continue important education and outreach programs, it helps us supply legal advice to fans, creators, and retailers, when Free Speech emergencies arise, and our contribution dollars help us continue to be constantly in motion, responding when the threat of censorship emerge anywhere in the comics community. 

By becoming a member, or donating for premiums, you join us as we fight the unfair stigmas attached to comics, a fight that is more important than ever, with mainstream news outlets continuing to vilify comic content, new library challenges every year, and the current trend of customs officials searching, bullying, and confiscating comics from traveling fans and professionals.You are helping us make sure that there is a defense ready when comics are attacked, and keep us able to protect the art form we love.

Thanks for your support!

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